CAD lines to be converted to water model
Generating water model from the visible CAD lines
Overlaying aerial photography image onto water model
Editing junctions (nodes)
Editing pipes (links)
Extracting junction elevations from Terrain model
Editing junction data in tabular fashion
Editing pipe data in tabular fashion
Setting analysis defaults
Setting analysis options
Pre-viewing junction results
Viewing junction results
Viewing pipe results
Summary of water network by element
Colour coding pipe diameters
CAD drawing generated from water network
Exporting nodes to GIS Arcview Shape file
Water model as exported to GIS
Colour coding water model in GIS
Colour coding network by diameter (links) and demand (nodes)
Pressure results colour coded in the Water module
Checking network model for connectivity
EPANet model of the Civil Suite water network
These sample images show just some of the features of the Civil Suite engineering design software package. The modules in the Civil Suite include the terrain, road, sewer, water, stormwater, pipeline, CAD, GIS and photo modeller modules. Please use the arrows at the left and right of the screen images to navigate through the samples provided.

The Water analysis module is based on the US EPANet system.   Results are 100% the same as those produced by EPANet due to the common analysis system employed.  The incorporation of this module in the Civil Suite allows the water module to interpolate levels automatically from the Terrain module.  In addition, the pipe lengths and node positions etc. are automatically determined from the DWG/DXF drawing loaded.  

For more information please also download the videos of the Civil Suite Water module in action.  
Alternatively, for an interactive online demonstration please contact us and we will schedule a WebEx demonstration when convenient.