Civil Suite VIDEOS

Our software is protected by means of a dongle.  We unfortunately therefore do not provide users with demonstration versions of the software suite. We do however provide extensive video demonstrations of the Civil Suite in action. While not 100% complete in all respects, the videos do provide a detailed insight into most of the modules.

Please download the following video clips to view the software suite in action.  It might take a while downloading these files but we guarantee that you will not be disappointed.  Some of the interfaces may have changed as some of these videos were produced with older versions of the Civil Suite.  It nevertheless provides a good insight into the software's functionality.

To download these videos please select them from the menu items above.

We have also included a video player which should preferably be used to play back the video as captured on the computer.

Should the videos not be 100% clear - please either use the player provided (CAMPLAY.EXE) or download the TSCC.EXE video compression software below or download it directly from the Camtasia Studio Website

All EXE files have been scanned for virus / internet activity and are 100% clean.    


We have placed our recent demonstration videos as prepared for the IMESA 2013 Conference held in Port Elizabeth on YouTube.
Click here to view the video...