Terrain modeller
Terrain surface points
Terrain triangles
Terrain surface
Terrain contours
Terrain surface overlaid on CAD DWG
Terrain contours
Combined Terrain surface
These sample images show just some of the features of the Civil Suite engineering design software package. The modules in the Civil Suite include the terrain, road, sewer, water, stormwater, pipeline, CAD, GIS and photo modeller modules. Please use the arrows at the left and right of the screen images to navigate through the samples provided.

The Terrain module is able to comfortably handle up to 22 million points and is the core module within the CIVIL SUITE. The Water, Sewer and Roads modules derive their levels from the surfaces in the Terrain module. Up to 10 individual surfaces can be modelled simultaneously. The Terrain module also does the contouring and volume calculations for cut / fill operations, platforms etc. The program is also able to import data from our competitor's systems thereby creating compatibility within the design office. Imagine the usefulness of your CAD standard working directly with your Terrain / Design packages without the need to convert your drawings beforehand. The built-in DWG CAD editor offers the user all the basic CAD manipulation functions as well as providing imaging support as well.

The software suite comprises the following modules: CAD, Terrain, Road, Sewer, Water, Stormwater and GIS. Essentially the software has been developed in South Africa for our local conditions. It is built around an engine capable of reading and writing DWG / DXF drawings natively and provides the professional civil engineer with a fully integrated suite of programs from design through to the drafting and final plotting of the drawings.

A typical example of the ongoing development has been the inclusion of not only the GIS data capture tools for sewerage data capture, but also the modeling and master planning of sewerage networks from this data using the EPA SWMM engine for flow routing purposes. The software has been used extensively for data capture by Ninham Shand Consulting Engineers for the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality (Port Elizabeth) where the GIS sewerage models currently cover some 2600km of pipelines varying in size from 110mm to 2000mm in diameter. In addition, the software has also been customized to allow for condition assessments to aid in infrastructure maintenance. While this GIS module is comprehensive in itself, it only gives typical usage of approximately 5% of the Civil Suite’s capabilities.

We have also recently added extensive support for Arcview Shape Files and Aerial photography in most of the popular formats (MrSID, GeoTiff and ECW). Another useful addition has been the ability to now model much larger data sets from a terrain modeling point of view. With LIDAR imagery becoming more popular, we have seen a tremendous increase in the number of modeling points and had to recently amend portions of our code to cater for these massive data models. (20 million points and their associated triangles.)

For more information please also download the videos of the Civil Suite Terrain module in action.  
Alternatively, for an interactive online demonstration please contact us and we will schedule a WebEx demonstration when convenient.