Simple sewer design
Changing MH coordinates
Specifying design parameters
Specifying inflow categories
Specifying pipes
Pre-viewing longitudinal section
Viewing longitudinal section in CAD
Designing a network of sewers
Typical design longitudinal section
Typical CAD DWG section
Tracking erven / polygons for analysis
Interpolating Minimum Ground Levels
Extracting erf connections
Calculating chainages of erf connections
Erf connections calculated
Erf connections shown in plan
Erf connections shown on longitudinal section
Final CAD longitudinal section
Sewer quantities
Erf connection particulars drawing
Erf connection particulars zoomed in DWG
Sewer particulars in DWG
Sewer coordinates in DWG
Sheet plotting definition
Paperspace layout produced in DWG
External reference A.DWG inserted into DWG
Preview of paperspace
PDF output produced from paperspace model
PDF output zoomed
Final paperspace viewed in Sewer module
These sample images show just some of the features of the Civil Suite engineering design software package. The modules in the Civil Suite include the terrain, road, sewer, water, stormwater, pipeline, CAD, GIS and photo modeller modules. Please use the arrows at the left and right of the screen images to navigate through the samples provided.

The Sewer module automatically completes almost 99% of all foul sewer network designs. All the user is effectively required to do is to plan and define the drainage routes. The Civil Suite sewer module coordinates the sewer manholes, interpolates levels along the routes, generates the erf connection details and uses these in the analysis. All branches are fully integrated into one network model ensuring levels are consistent throughout. Final longitudinal sections and quantities are also calculated from the model.

For more information please also download the videos of the Civil Suite Sewer module in action.  
Alternatively, for an interactive online demonstration please contact us and we will schedule a WebEx demonstration when convenient.