Defining the road centre lines
Roads module interface
Coordinating road centre line coordinates
Editing horizontal alignment data
Running the horizontal alignment
Pre-viewing ground levels as generated
Pre-viewing the ground longitudinal section
Specifying road start / end levels
Entering vertical curve parameters
Specifying a typical road profile
Specifying a profile position
Pre-viewing final longitudinal section
Viewing final cross section
Longitudinal section generated in CAD DWG format
Cross sections generated in CAD DWG format
Typical cross section in CAD
Cut / Fill volumes
Topsoil stripping quantities
Defining a plot sheet layout to create a paperspace layout
Inserting external reference DWG
Pre-viewing paperspace layout for plotting
PDF file produced from Civil Suite
Typical road longitudinal section
Typical road cross sections in CAD
PDF file produced by the Civil Suite
Typical cross section and setting out details
Demonstration of a bellmouth design
Simulated design of four bellmouth intersections
Contours of simulated bellmouth intersections
Typical kerb parameters
Exporting road levels and details
These sample images show just some of the features of the Civil Suite engineering design software package. The modules in the Civil Suite include the terrain, road, sewer, water, stormwater, pipeline, CAD, GIS and photo modeller modules. Please use the arrows at the left and right of the screen images to navigate through the samples provided.

The Roads module is a rewrite of the older standalone Roads program from approximately 20 years back and is extremely efficient at the design and plotting of roads for residential townships. Just one unique feature added in recently is the ability to define a network of roads and incorporate the output of each individual road design into a Terrain surface. This surface can subsequently be used for the designs of the sewer or stormwater pipe longitudinal sections. We have also recently upgraded the Roads module to perform a nearly fully automated design of the intersection / bell mouth design.

For more information please also download the videos of the Civil Suite Roads module in action.  
Alternatively, for an interactive online demonstration please contact us and we will schedule a WebEx demonstration when convenient.