CAD functions
CAD Workspace manipulation
CAD Workspace deletion
CAD drawing/snapping to geometry
CAD rotating shapes
CAD paperspace model
CAD PDF created from paperspace
CAD MrSID Image support
CAD Embedded Google Earth functionality
CAD Embedded Google Earth Map functionality
CAD integrated GIS functionality

These sample images show just some of the features of the Civil Suite engineering design software package. The modules in the Civil Suite include the terrain, road, sewer, water, stormwater, pipeline, CAD, GIS and photo modeller modules. Please use the arrows at the left and right of the screen images to navigate through the samples provided.

The embedded CAD editor is able to write DWG and DXF files natively.  Most CAD operations are supported though currently we do not support hatching and dimensioning.  Full support is however provided for layers, lines, etc.

The GIS module not only allows the user to read Arcview GIS SHP files (point / line and polygon features), but also to capture and edit data in these databases.   Specific GIS capture tools have been developed for the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Municipality to assist in the data capture of all sewer and stormwater infrastructure. In addition, the Civil Suite also allows the use of images stored as either JPG, BMP, TIFF, MrSID or ECW image formats.  Images which are geo-referenced can be inserted directly in the DWG file format.  Redraws of these images are accomplished at lightning speeds as use is made of the popular Leadtools Raster Imaging Pro Toolkit to perform this task.

We have also recently provided support for Google Earth KML files from within the CIVIL SUITE enabling the system to read and write KML files which can be used in Google Earth or the CIVIL SUITE.

For more information please also download the videos of the Civil Suite CAD/GIS modules in action.  
Alternatively, for an interactive online demonstration please contact us and we will schedule a WebEx demonstration when convenient.