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KCS Consultants released the Civil Suite design software package incorporating the Terrain, Water, GIS, Sewer and Road design modules in 2005. The original Road, Sewer and Sewer Network design programs had been around for approximately fifteen years, and had therefore proven themselves.  Some of these older programs are still in use by Consulting Engineers, Municipalities and Contractors countrywide.   The Terrain program, which has been on the market since 2005, has also enjoyed great success in the marketplace.  

The older Roads and Sewer packages have now been integrated with the Terrain and in addition, the CAD and GIS functionality has been enhanced even further.  The suite now also incorporates a Water Network Analysis module based on US EPANet engine as well as a Stormwater Analysis module based on EPA SWMM (Stormwater Management Model). 


The fully integrated suite of programs listed above have now been re-released as the CIVIL SUITE. Not only have these programs been integrated into one common interface but the functionality has been enhanced within each module as well.  This integrated interface not only allows the designer to work with his/her DWG/DXF drawings natively (without the need for a separate CAD license), but also includes a Terrain model capable of handling up to 22 000 000 points at unbelievable speeds, a Sewer model which effectively does around 99% of the work, and competent / comprehensive Road, Water and Storm water design modules to round off the suite.  A statement which we can unequivocally state is this: "The Sewer module alone makes this package pay for itself.  The time saved in completing just one sewer network design will cover the cost of the package a few times over."

The software suite comprises the following modules: CAD, Terrain, Road, Sewer, Water, Stormwater and GIS.  Essentially the software has been developed in South Africa for our local conditions.  It is built around an engine capable of reading and writing DWG / DXF drawings natively and provides the professional civil engineer with a fully integrated suite of programs from design through to the drafting and final plotting of the drawings.

Kindly note that we have more than 130 licenses countywide and our list of clients includes both consulting civil engineers as well as local municipalities. Our user base stretches from Richards Bay in the East to Cape Town in the west.  We have also recently sold the CivilSuite to a Consulting Engineering firm based in Germany. The software has been developed by a practicing professional civil engineer with more than 25 years of experience.  The software is also constantly undergoing further development. 

A typical example of the ongoing development has been the inclusion of not only the GIS data capture tools for sewerage data capture, but also the modeling and master planning of sewerage networks from this data using the EPA SWMM engine for flow routing purposes. 
The software has been used extensively for data capture by Ninham Shand Consulting Engineers for the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality (Port Elizabeth) where the GIS sewerage models currently cover some 2600km of pipelines varying in size from 110mm to 2000mm in diameter.  In addition, the software has also been customized to allow for condition assessments to aid in infrastructure maintenance.  While this GIS module is comprehensive in itself, it only gives typical usage of approximately 5% of the Civil Suite’s capabilities.

We have also recently added extensive support for Arcview Shape Files and Aerial photography in most of the popular formats (MrSID, GeoTiff and ECW).  Another useful addition has been the ability to now model much larger data sets from a terrain modeling point of view.  With LIDAR imagery becoming more popular, we have seen a tremendous increase in the number of modeling points and had to recently amend portions of our code to cater for these massive data models. (20 million points and their associated triangles.)


Individual software licenses will cost R30 000 (excl VAT) per workstation.  The package can be installed and authorized on multiple machines simultaneously; however, the software can only be run on those machines which have the security dongle installed.  Kindly note that volume discounts are not applicable and the annual maintenance costs are 10% of the purchase price (Currently R3 000 excl VAT per license).  The maintenance cost is only payable on the anniversary of the purchase.


We provide limited telephonic and unlimited email support should you need assistance with the package.  We will respond within 24 hours, usually the same day if at all possible.  Our policy in this regard is such that if you have a problem with the software – then so do we, and it is therefore in our best interest to resolve such issues as soon as reasonably possible.

Terrain Module

The Terrain module is able to comfortably handle up to 22 million points and is the core module within the CIVIL SUITE.   The Water, Sewer and Roads modules derive their levels from the surfaces in the Terrain module.  Up to 10 individual surfaces can be modelled simultaneously. The Terrain module also does the contouring and volume calculations for cut / fill operations, platforms etc.  The program is also able to import data from our competitor's systems thereby creating compatibility within the design office.  Imagine the usefulness of your CAD standard working directly with your Terrain / Design packages without the need to convert your drawings beforehand. The built-in DWG CAD editor offers the user all the basic CAD manipulation functions as well as providing imaging support as well. 
Sewer Module 

The Sewer module automatically completes almost 99% of all foul sewer network designs.  All the user is effectively required to do is to plan and define the drainage routes.   The program coordinates the sewer manholes, interpolates levels along the routes, generates the erf connection details and uses these in the analysis.  All branches are fully integrated into one network model ensuring levels are consistent throughout.  Final longitudinal sections and quantities are also calculated from the model. 
Water Module 

The Water analysis module is based on the US EPANet system.   Results are 100% the same as those produced by EPANet due to the common analysis system employed.  The incorporation of this module in the Civil Suite allows the water module to interpolate levels automatically from the Terrain module.  In addition, the pipe lengths and node positions etc. are automatically determined from the DWG/DXF drawing loaded. 
Roads Roads Module

The Roads module is a rewrite of the older standalone Roads program from approximately 20 years back and is extremely efficient at the design and plotting of roads for residential townships.   Just one unique feature added in just recently is the ability to define a network of roads and incorporate the output of each individual road design into a Terrain surface.  This surface can subsequently be used for the designs of the sewer or stormwater pipe longitudinal sections. 

We have also recently upgraded the Roads module to perform a nearly fully automated design of the intersection / bell mouth design.
GIS Module

The GIS module not only allows the user to read Arcview SHP files (point / line and polygon features), but also to capture and edit data in these databases.   Specific GIS capture tools have been developed for the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Municipality to assist in the data capture of all sewer and stormwater infrastructure. In addition, the Civil Suite also allows the use of images stored as either JPG, BMP, TIFF, MrSID or ECW image formats.  Images which are geo-referenced can be inserted directly in the DWG file format.  Redraws of these images are accomplished at lightning speeds as use is made of the popular Leadtools Raster Imaging Pro Toolkit to perform this task.

We have also recently provided support for Google Earth KML files from within the CIVIL SUITE enabling the system to read and write KML files which can be used in Google Earth or the CIVIL SUITE.
Stormwater Stormwater Module

The Stormwater module is based on SWMM 5 engine as produced by the US EPA (Environment Protection Agency).   We have also integrated the flow routing module from the SWMM engine with, for example, the GIS data of a sewer network thereby allowing dynamic analysis of a sewer network within a few minutes.   The data structures as created for the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality sewer asset register are used in this analysis system.

KCS Consultants is currently the lead consultant implementing a R100m project for the augmentation of the Swartkops Low Level Collector Sewer on behalf of the NMBM.  The Stormwater module was used in the master planning of the Chatty and Swartkops Catchment areas.

KCS Consultants

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Our users include the following companies both locally and nationally within South Africa: (Products include the current Civil Suite 2010 and the older sewer, road and sewer network programs)

•    Goba Pty Ltd  - Port Elizabeth
•    Stewart Scott - Port Elizabeth
•    Makhetha Development Consultants - Port Elizabeth
•    Makhetha Development Consultants - Cape Town
•    Hokmah - Richards Bay
•    Srk Consulting Engineers - Port Elizabeth
•    Nkp Consultants (Middleburg) - Mpumalanga
•    Ninham Shand - George
•    Ninham Shand - Cape Town
•    ZLH Consulting Engineers - Cape Town
•    Lew Projects - Nelspruit
•    Africoast - Port Elizabeth
•    Gerrard Consulting - Johannesburg
•    Ninham Shand - East London
•    CSM Consulting Services
•    Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
•    Ndodana Consulting Engineers - Tsaneen
•    Ninham Shand - Bloemfontein
•    MSBA - Port Elizabeth
•    Matrix  Consulting Engineers
•    Ninham Shand - Purification Cape Town
•    MBSA East London
•    Mbesi Consulting - Paddock
•    Weser Civils - Potchefstroom
•    Ndodana - Port Elizabeth
•    Elizabeth Developments - Port Elizabeth
•    Matota And Associates - Queenstown
•    Ninham Shand - Pietermaritzburg
•    Makana Municipality - Grahamstown
•    VELA VKE - Port Elizabeth
•    Camdekon Engineers - East London
•    HCCS Civils - Port Elizabeth
•    Molemo Consulting Engineers - Pretoria
•    Camdekon Engineers - Port Elizabeth
•    Paul And Partners
•    Flux Development Scientists - East London
•    Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality
•    JJ Spies Consulting Engineers - Port Elizabeth
•    Burden Consulting Engineers
•    Coca Cola Design Division
•    Beacon Consulting Engineers - East London
•    Engineering Advice And Services
•    MDT Consulting
•    Boonzaaier Dotwana And Associates
•    BKS Consulting Engineers
•    Aurecon Consulting Engineers
•    CES Environmental Consultants – Germany
•    Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality – Port Elizabeth
•    AHS Management Services (Uitenhage)
•    Hani Malik Projects (Queenstown)
•    Intsika Yethu Municipality (Cofimvaba)
•    Shama Consulting Engineers (White River)
•    Brighter Day Elect & Projects
•    Monde Consulting
•    Langa Geotechnical
•    OJM Consulting Engineers
•    Lilitha Project Managers

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